With the fertigation systems, soil is given elements quickly uptaken by the plants. This is possible whenever the raw materials of the products applied to the soil are of the best purity grade, highly soluble, and contain totally assimilable nutritive elements.

MayHochst with its rich series of liquids for fertigation, soluble powders with one or more microelements, offers an extensive choice due to its special products and formulations.

Taking advantage of our state-of-the-art production techniques, we are capable of playing one of the most important roles in agriculture: "feeding" the plants.

This is possible due to the high solubility and availability of all our formulations, that re-activate the cationic exchange capacity of the treated soils and penetrate directly into the circulating solution of the soil. The plants' roots are thus enabled to interact with the circulating solution of the soil, from which they can directly uptake the nutritive elements, through physical and chemical exchanges.

Benegro PN

Benegro CN

Benegro SOP

Benegro MKP

Benegro MgSO4

Benegro DAP

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