MayHochst Specialities represent the winning answer to the demands of today's market, which is always demanding innovative solutions for a sustainable agriculture. These high technology products are capable of inducing the plants to a higher productivity, improving the qualitative characteristics of the produce, at the same time.

Our knowledge of plant physiology, field trials and, most of all, the direct application experience all over Malaysia and South East Asia have contributed to put us in the position of proposing a series of special products that induce a superior cultural response.

Our Specials are organic based products that activate the metabolic processes of the plants. Some of these products contain one or more organic matrixes; in some others, the organic matrixes are strictly linked to the mineral elements that magnify their biological and nutritive properties.

Our Growth Regulators do not contain any inert coformulant, but only nutritive elements and "activating" organic matters of various origin and extraction that, all together, regulate, modify and address the activity of the Auxines, the Gibberellines and the Cytochinines, thus assuring the best efficiency of the applications.

Fertigro SP50

Fertigro CN510



PH Plus


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