MayHochst products are based on one or more microelements belonging to this category.

The series not only offers generic microelements mixtures, but also culture-specific products that are indicated for the cure and prevention of micronutrient deficiency disorders.

The selection of coadjuvants, complexing agents, chelating agents and also the nutrient ratio of every single Microelement in the mixtures guarantee the achievement of the nutritional targets.

Microelements are necessary for the life of the plants and differentiate with macroelements only for their lower dosages. When formulating a fertilization plan it is essential to forecast the plants' needs of micronutrients, as well.

It is necessary to introduce our Microelements as an item of every complete fertilization plan.

Fe EDTA (13% Fe)

Zn EDTA (15% Zn)

Sodium Molybdate (39% Mo)

Cu EDTA (15% Cu)

Mn EDTA (13% Mn)

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