The distribution of nutritive solutions by foliar application is the best effective way to help direct soil fertilization and is an especially efficient way to treat nutritional deficiencies.

In order to meet these objectives, the basic requirements are the maximum solubility in water and assimilability of the raw materials.

The Foliar Fertilizers of MayHochst are formulated with the highest purity raw materials that guarantee maximum solubility and quick uptake of the nutrient contents.

Thanks to the wide choice of liquid and soluble powder formulations offered by MayHochst it is possible to select a formulation that satisfies any nutritional needs of the crops.

Benegro NPK (21-21-21-TE)

Benegro NPK (13-27-27-TE)

Benegro NPK (5-10-47-TE)

Benegro NPK (18-18-18-2-TE)

Benegro NPK (13-5-40-TE)

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